Paula L. Robison is an author-illustrator living in Reno, Nevada. Her early career as a graphic artist in advertising then as an art teacher to all ages (pre-schoolers to 

military Veterans) helps inform her approach to illustration. As a child, Paula was a reluctant reader. It wasn't until much later that she learned her "reluctance" had a name: Dyslexia. Happily in time she came to love reading, and along with her partner,

she shared this love by reading aloud to their three children when they were young.

She continues to read aloud at her favorite bookstore’s Story Time.

Paula has published interior illustrations and book covers in both Children's and Adult genres and is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and Storyteller Academy. She is the illustrator of the picture book PIP PIP TOODLE DOO 

by author Lisa Sobiek coming out in fall 2021 published by Baobab Press.  

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