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          Paula L. Robison is a children's book illustrator and author living in Reno, Nevada. Professionally, she's worked in the field of advertising, as an art teacher, and even as a baker (because she loves cookies!). She grew up on the Flathead Reservation in Montana where undiagnosed dyslexia caused reading struggles in childhood. These issues were fortunately resolved in middle school where a new-found love of reading was established. She and her partner shared this love by reading to their three children. Paula also enjoyed reading stories for little ears and leading art projects for little hands for several years at her favorite bookstore’s Story Time (where, during college she worked in the children's book section).

          Paula has published interior illustrations and book covers in both Children's and Adult genres, is a member of SCBWI, Storyteller Academy, and two author/illustrator critique groups. She is the illustrator of the picture book PIP PIP TOODLE DOO by author Lisa Sobiek (fall 2021, Baobab Press). Paula is currently working on a children's book manuscript and illustrations for the story of a tiny endangered fish.